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Trade Union of Phu Tho Provincial General...


On May 23rd, on the occasion of the Labor Month, the hospital Trade Union offered gifts and support to the Union members, and...

Free Congenital Heart Disease Screening Program in Tan Son...

Answer the call of the national blood donation day April 7,...


Attendance policy and doctor recruitment...


In order to successfully implement the strategy and objectives, the Hospital needs to recruit highly qualified human resources:...

Announcing the recruitment of staff according to...

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Free screening for Cardiovascular diseases for...


Phu Tho Provincial General Hospital in coordinate with the Hanoi Heart Hospital and Viettel Phu Tho Branch to organize the...

"Free Lunch" - Warm people

Organize medical examination and distribution free of...


Add a letter sent feelings and beliefs of patients to the doctors of Phu Tho General Hospital

People Do Khuc Thu (Department of artificial kidney)

Le Hung Thang is a stent patient at the Department of Cardiology, General Hospital of Phu Tho province. He is also the author of the poem "Hospitalization" published in the Journal of Land...

Patient Le Hung Thang (Cardiology)

On 27/02/2018, the doctors of the Cancer Center - Phu Tho General Hospital received a very special letter.

Ms. Hoang Thi Xuan, Ha Diem and Ha Thi Thanh Ha (Center for Cancer)

With professional attitude, professional, hospital doctors and doctors increasingly assert the belief in customers.

Do Ngoc Quynh (Department of Trauma 1)

The love of a customer when find the happiness of being mother after 3 years of expectation. Happy birthday to you!

A thank-you letter from a sterile couple sent to the Maternity Support Unit

Phu Tho General Hospital would like to thank the poet Nguyen Huu Cuong for his contributions to the Department of Endocrinology.

The patient Nguyen Huu Cuong (Department of Endocrinology - Diabetes)

For physicians and doctors of Phu Tho General Hospital, simple and sincere thanks are always a great source of encouragement for doctors to make greater efforts in saving people.

Uncle Bui Thi Luu, family of patients Nguyen Van Son (General Department of Foreign Affairs)

After 1 month of treatment at Vinmec's Rehabilitation Clinic, he went out of his way and no longer had any stools

Customers Ha Van Hai - Viet Tri

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